Company, Trust or Partnership Tax Return  Checklist      Download PDF

Information Provided Not
Files from accounting software (MYOB, Quickbooks, Excel, etc)
Cashbook (if maintained), which includes records of cash taken before the business takings are banked
Copies of purchase/sell notes and settlement statements for investments sold (include original contract notes and settlement statements if possible)
Details of any other income, eg rental income, investment income, grants
Details of proceeds from the sale of capital assets
Managed funds distribution statements, annual tax statements and capital gains statements

Details of wages paid during the year including copies of the PAYG Payment Summaries & PAYG Summary Statement.
Details of bad debts actually written off during the year (provide documentary evidence)
Details of entertainment expenses
Details of travel expenses (include travel diaries), particularly for overseas trips
Details of fringe benefits paid on behalf of employees, including any new arrangements for the provision of vehicles available for private use
Copies of logbooks for new and existing vehicles, excluding utility vehicles and trucks (completed within the last 5 years)
Details of superannuation contributions for employees & directors
Details of interest on loans (including explanation of purpose)
Details of lease expenses for motor vehicles, premises and equipment
Details relating to legal expenses
Copies of new HP or chattel mortgage agreements

Balance Sheet
Asset register detailing depreciable assets bought, sold or disposed of during the year
Bank statements
Cheque book butts and deposit books
Details of CGT assets purchased or sold during the year
Details of work-in-progress
Listing of trade debtors with amounts outstanding as at 30 June 2014
Value of stock as at 30 June 2014 (and basis of valuation)
Details of all loans
Listing of trade creditors with amounts owing as at 30 June 2014
Statements from any financer's detailing the opening and closing balances of existing loans during the financial year
Details of any changes to shareholdings or directorships or new units issued
Details of loans from shareholders or partners

Additional Information
Copy of the Company Constitution, if not already supplied
Copy of the Trust Deed, if n o t already supplied
Copy of the Partnership Agreement if not already supplied

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