Superannuation Fund Tax Return Checklist

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Information Provided Not
Investment Strategy (most recent) and minutes
For first year audits
Prior year financial statements, audit report (signed) and tax return
Copy of trust deed
If trustees have changed
If new members / trustees were appointed during the year, copies of application forms and consents to act as trustee
ATO trustee declarations (NAT 71089) dated within 21 days of appointment
Bank account statements and term deposits
Bank Statements and term deposit certificates for the year
Bank confirmations requested by the auditor
If the fund holds commercial or residential property
Rental / lease agreement
Most recent valuation of the property
Property-related expenses / invoices
External property management statements
Settlement statement (for purchase or sale)
If the fund holds listed shares or managed funds
Dividend or distribution statements
CHESS or holding statements
Contract notes (buy and sell)
Annual tax summary (for managed trusts)
Trust transaction and year-end statements
Broker transaction statements and portfolio statements
Documentation to support shares or units held at year end and any movements (share/unit certificates)
If fund uses a portfolio / wrap service, a copy of the type 2 report (audit report) attached to the provider documentation
If the fund hold shares or units in private companies or trusts
Dividend or distribution statements
Financial Statements of the private entity (if available)
Income Tax Return of the private entity (if available)
Details of underlying assets (e.g. address of property to enable a search to be conducted
If the fund holds mortgage loans, debentures or interest securities
Income / interest statements
Documentation to support loan balance ( / loan agreement / annual statements)
Documentation to support movement in loan balances, debentures or interest securities
If the fund holds other assets (e.g. collectables or exotic assets
Documentation to support income earned
Documentation to support asset ownership
Documentation to support asset valuation
Copies of insurance policies covering assets held
Contributions and rollovers
Employer statements as to contributions made (or, if a related employer, copies of employer financial reports / trial balance )
Details of member contributions
Deduction for personal superannuation contribution forms (NAT 71121)    
Documentation to support in specie contributions (e.g. copies of off-market share transfers or valuation documentation)    
Rollover statements for funds rolled into the fund    
Details of any fund expenses or fund tax that may have been paid for personally by you or another member    
Invoices for accounting and audit fees
Invoices from financial advisors
Insurance premium notices and copies of insurance policies
Excess contributions assessments or surcharge notice ( from the ATO)
Invoices for legal fees
Invoices to support any other expenses
Tax portal print outs of tax and integrated client accounts
Benefit payments/pensions
Minutes or documentation to support pension payments
Calculations of minimum pension payments
Documentation to support the commencement or commutation of pension accounts
Copy of actuarial certificate
Details of asset segregation (if a segregated fund)

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