Individual Tax Return Checklist 

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Information Provided Not
PAYG summaries from employers, Centrelink and/or superannuation funds
Bank statements detailing interest earned
Dividend statements
Lump sum payments (eg Employment Termination Payment)
Managed fund annual tax statement and capital gains tax statement
Partnership distribution statement, including a copy of the partnership's taxReturn
Trust distribution statement, including a copy of the trust's tax return
Buy/sell contract notes for investments

Work-related Deductions
Work related motor vehicle use (details of work related km's traveled during year or expenses incurred if using log book method and a copy of the logbook that is less than 5 years old)
Receipts or evidence of work-related deductions such as protective clothing, uniform expenses, stationary, travel & tools
Receipts for self-education expenses, continuing professional development courses and seminars
Professional journals, magazines, memberships & subscriptions
Details of depreciable assets bought during the year (eg laptops)

Other Deductions
Receipts for donations of $2 and over to registered charities (Bushfire / Flood tin collection)
Expenditure incurred in managing tax affairs (eg tax agent's fees)
Expenditure incurred in earning investment income
Income protection insurance premiums

Rental Properties
Annual statement from property agent (if engaging the services of an agent)
Records detailing rental income (if not engaging the services of an agent)
Date of when property was purchased (exchange of contract date)
Details of depreciable assets bought or disposed during the year and/or acopy of the quantity surveyors report
Expenses incurred, (which are not detailed on the property agent annual statement) such a s water charges, land tax and insurance premiums
If property is held by more than one individual, details of owners and their legal ownership percentage
If property was disposed of during the income year, information relating to dates and costs associated with the acquisition and disposal of the property (exchange date not settlement date) eg Settlement Sheets
Loan statements for property showing interest paid for the income year
Period the property was available for rent during the income year

Offsets / Rebates
Eligible education expenses (eg computers, text books, etc)
Details of any superannuation contributions for spouse
Details of medical expenses. From 1 July 2015 claims under this offset are limited to net eligible expenses for disability aids, attendant care or aged care.
Private health insurance annual statement

If Operating as a Sole Trader
Cashbook, which includes records of cash taken before the business takings are banked
Copies of PAYG payment summaries for employees
Details of any government grants, rebates or payments received
Details of superannuation contributions for employees
Files from accounting software (MYOB, Quickbooks, etc)
Statements for all bank accounts and liabilities of the business (loans)
Copies of any finance contracts
Details of any depreciable assets purchased (eg motor vehicles, computers etc)
Superannuation contributions for self-employed persons, including fund acknowledgement of intent to claim a tax deductions

Additional Information

Compulsory - To receive your tax refund you must provide bank account details

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